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  • Transparent colorful squid jig

    Transparent colorful squid jig

    Ideal for Squid Fishing – Easy to use. It is also easy to the freshman. Perfect design can 

    increase your catches and create more fun. 


    Luminous Effect – Luminous body, long duration, thin hook needle, good rigidity, no barbs. It is easy to remove the fish from the hook. 

    All is Handmade – Stainless steel hook, claw jig for special thickening, pull stronger. Once the squid is hooked, it’s not easy to escape.

  • Big eyes electroplating fish style squid jig

    Big eyes electroplating fish style squid jig

    Electroplating Mandarin Fish Squid Jig
    Artificial bait
  • Computer Cloth Style Squid Jig

    Computer Cloth Style Squid Jig

    Chentilly fishing tackle produce and wholesale quality squid jigs, including different molds and sizes; such as luminous ones, glitter cloth ones, single or doule fan-shape hooks.

     Firstly the squid jigs is a great fishing tool for saltwater fishing, such as squid and octopus cathcing. And then we supply the squid jigs with Japanese quality, lifelike real shrimp to attract the fishes. The most importantly that we supply professional service to our customers, so that we could be your great support for your business.You could choose the mold mostly interest in, and you could also have the packaging with your logo.